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About Us

The company was established on July 1, 1999 as a sole proprietorship by the owner and founder Otto E. Palacios. Later on July 26, 2001, the company was incorporated under the corporate laws of the State of Texas as a closely held corporation. At the present time Mr. Palacios serves as the company president and retains 100% ownership of the company stock. The company philosophy was founded on the belief that could compete with its' competitors with comprehensive marketing strategies, coupled with a new technological, and innovative approach in manufacturing, and installing the cabinet products.

The company has also taken great strides in obtaining licenses and certifications, The company currently is licensed in New Mexico as a millwork contractor, is an active member of the (AWI) Architectural Woodwork Institute, and is also certified in the State of Texas as a (HUB) Historically Underutilized Business Entity.

Imperial Contracting, LLC is a recognized leader in the millwork industry. In order to achieve the recognition as a leader in the millwork industry, and must remain successful in its' bidding endeavors, provide high quality millwork products and workmanship at competitive prices through the U.S.

Imperial Contracting, LLC offers manufacturing and installation of commercial millwork. As a part of the companies' marketing strategy, the company incorporates a "Non Biased Strategy" method. This method recognizes some existing larger competitors, only work for a selected group of general contractors in town. However, Imperial Contracting, LLC is prepared to develop new relationships with both existing and new customers. Imperial Contracting, LLC has been able to maintain that flexibility to work with others while its competitors have become dependent of their selected customer base.

We are founded on the idea of providing customers with high quality products and workmanship at competitive prices. In order to meet this objective, the company will rely on its' strengths which includes the following:

  • More than 27 seven years of experiences and management in  the millwork industry.

  • Proven quality workmanship and integrity

  • Vision and market cognizance

Quality Control Program

In order to establish and maintain customer satisfaction Imperial Contracting, LLC. will implement eight product quality dimensions.

1-Performance - Important characteristics
2-Features - Important special characteristics
3-Flexibility - Meeting operating specification over    some period of time.
4-Durability - Amount of use before performance    deteriorates.
5-Conformance -Match with pre-establish standards.
6-Serviceability - Ease and speed of repair of normal    service.
7-Aesthetics - How a product looks and feels.
8-Perceived Quality - Subjective assessment of    characteristics